Revised Cost Model posted

posted Apr 6, 2015, 6:19 AM by SAU31 Webmaster   [ updated Apr 6, 2015, 6:25 AM ]
A revised Cost Model has been uploaded and will be demonstrated at the next JAC meeting on April 7th.
You can download the spreadsheet here and also find it in the Other Documents section.

An explanation of the sheets follows:
  • The first tab is the model itself. The model is currently set to reflect the projections and assumptions that are in the Data Report. It is a 30-year view, which is the view we will continue to use in our report. As you will see, different assumptions and projections can easily be entered in the model, and the costs, charts and graphs will be changed to reflect those different entries. It is this feature that will allow future users to develop planning models, if they wish.
  • The second tab, "cost analysis" provides the financial data used for the model, year by year. If changes are made in the "Model" then the data in this section changes to reflect the new entry.
  • The third tab is the "enrollment" button. This button provides enrollment projections based upon the NESDEC report. At the end of the time projected by NESDEC, enrollments are simply continued in a straight line.
  • The fourth tab is "Epping tuition". This provides the ability to project various Epping Tuition scenarios.
  • The fifth tab is "Bond payment -- "Add/Reno" - This provides the information for bond payments by either the "Level Payment"method or or the "Level Principal" method.
  • The sixth tab, "Bond payment -- New facility" provides the same information on bond payments for the new facility option.
  • The last tab, "Charts" provides the information needed to generate the charts contained in the model.